Community builder

We provide an x86_64-linux build machine as a public remote builder for the nix community, this machine also has an aarch64-linux machine configured as its own remote builder.


If you want access read the security guide lines on aarch64-build-box. Than add your username to builder/users.nix. Don't keep any important data in your home! We will regularly delete /home without further notice.

Using your NixOS home-manager configuration on the hosts

If you happen to have your NixOS & home-manager configurations intertwined but you'd like your familiar environment on our infrastructure you can evaluate pkgs.writeShellScript "hm-activate"<yourusername>.serviceConfig.ExecStart from your NixOS configuration, and send this derivation to be realized remotely: (in case you aren't a Nix trusted user)

# somehow get the .drv of the above expression into $path
$ nix copy --to ssh:// --derivation $path
$ ssh
$ nix-store -r $path
$ $path

(My implementation of this ~ckie)