Nix community The @nix-community is a GitHub organization that works alongside the @NixOS organization.

The mission critical projects are hosted in the @NixOS organization. This is our playground. Maximal freedom!

If you want to do something and it doesn’t interfer with other people’s project then we are here to support you.


To support our activities we have a little bit of infrastructure in place.

See for the list of services and configuration.

Binary cache

All the build results are being pushed to

See for the installation instructions.


What role does the @nix-community org play in the Nix ecosystem?

The @NixOS organization holds all the mission-critical projects such as Nix, Nixpkgs, NixOps, Hydra, etc.

The @nix-community is the community playground. We don’t need to be as strict with permissions. The org can host any projects that benefit from a shared ownership. We provide infrastructure and support for those projects as well as visibility.

How do I get my project included?

Ideally the type of projects that are accepted have some level of maturity and can benefit from a shared ownership. The goal is to have as much projects maintained and not for the org to become a graveyard.

We don’t have a strict procedure. For now, ping one of the org owners.

What are the rules of engagement?

The Nix community is nice. Be nice! Typically this means:

  1. Argument on technical details, not the people.
  2. Give the benefit of the doubt as much as possible. We all have different lives with different backgrounds.
  3. Keep in mind that all the work here is done by volunteers.
  4. :)

Nothing is set in stone. Think of these as the guidelines for our interactions.

The maintainer of a project gets admin access to the project they maintain. The maintainer is allowed to invite more people into the org and into their team.

If you see a project that is under-maintained, submit PRs to fix it as if it was your own project. If the PRs don’t get merged, ping the org owners

Org owners

If you need to contact the org owners, see the list of org owners.

Come chat with us in #nix-community using the matrix protocol!


Cachix provides us with a free 1TB binary cache!